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How we benefit from talking to strangers

Staying safe Most people avoid talking to strangers at all costs because that’s what we were raised to do. For safety reasons, of course. We don’t want children getting lost or abducted by dangerous kidnappers. And yes, situations like that do happen, which is why we begun teaching our children to stay safe. As adults, […]



Why you shouldn’t hide who you are

It’s not easy for many people to be themselves. Completely themselves. Even those who claim to be themselves 100% of the time, have moments of holding back. Being ourselves seems to be situational. It depends where we are, what we’re doing, and who we’re with. That will alter the way we reveal ourselves to others, […]



How our trust is evolving

Trust is the firm belief in reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Our trust can be broken, lost, and failed. This can make people more distrusting and less confident in believing in others or something. This happens in relationships, work, friendships, or even products and services we buy. This is why our […]



How to have more time in the day

Do you sometimes wish you had more time in the day to get more accomplished? Or maybe you wish you had more time to do enjoyable things instead of working and running errands? Or do you have friends who always seem too busy to join for dinner? Or maybe you’re that busy friend who has […]



Why do you think you’re right even if you’re wrong

We’re all familiar with people who think they’re right, even if they’re wrong. These are the people who never back down, standing firm on their beliefs, regardless of the arguments against them. Even if you bring valid evidence that proves them wrong, they remain unshakable. Or maybe you’re guilty of being one of these people? […]



Improving with a growth mindset

When we fail, interesting things happen. We either learn from it and improve or feel useless and give up. Our failures can either trigger resilience or shoot down our self esteem. But when we fail, it doesn’t mean we’re failures. The moment we believe that, we’ve given up. Failing just means we’re not quite there […]



Feeling alone when we’re so connected

Advances in technology has made our live more convenient, easier, and more connected. If that’s the case, why are we so easily and quickly distracted by our devices? Why are we less productive, spending hours scrolling through our social media feeds? It seems like there’s a strange phenomenon happening these days. We’re becoming more disconnected […]



Who we are and how we relate to others

Isn’t it so cool and amusing when you meet someone who seems just like you? You both think the same way, feel the same, and share a lot of the same opinions. You guys could even have the same mannerisms, behaviors, and instincts. It feels like you found your long lost twin. You also get […]



How Anxiety Affects Sleep

A good night’s sleep is an important component of good health, something that may seem obvious, but is also confirmed by research. Yet, many of us go to bed each night and struggle to sleep, and this is especially true for people suffering from anxiety. Given that seven out of 10 Americans report experiencing stress […]




What you think about addiction is wrong

It’s crazy to think that it’s been around a hundred years since the country decided to ban drugs. Since then we’ve been incarcerating addicts, punishing them with criminal records (making it difficult for them to get jobs), and being judging them as a nuisance in society. This approach is meant to make addicts suffer as […]