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Feeling alone when we’re so connected

Advances in technology has made our live more convenient, easier, and more connected. If that’s the case, why are we so easily and quickly distracted by our devices? Why are we less productive, spending hours scrolling through our social media feeds? It seems like there’s a strange phenomenon happening these days. We’re becoming more disconnected […]



Who we are and how we relate to others

Isn’t it so cool and amusing when you meet someone who seems just like you? You both think the same way, feel the same, and share a lot of the same opinions. You guys could even have the same mannerisms, behaviors, and instincts. It feels like you found your long lost twin. You also get […]



How Anxiety Affects Sleep

A good night’s sleep is an important component of good health, something that may seem obvious, but is also confirmed by research. Yet, many of us go to bed each night and struggle to sleep, and this is especially true for people suffering from anxiety. Given that seven out of 10 Americans report experiencing stress […]




What you think about addiction is wrong

It’s crazy to think that it’s been around a hundred years since the country decided to ban drugs. Since then we’ve been incarcerating addicts, punishing them with criminal records (making it difficult for them to get jobs), and being judging them as a nuisance in society. This approach is meant to make addicts suffer as […]



Change the way you view stress

All our lives we’ve been told that stress makes us sick. Stress causes diseases like cardiovascular disease. “Don’t stress!” But let’s rethink stress for a moment. A study tracked 300,000 adults in the US over a course of 8 years. Participants were asked two questions: How much stress have you in the last year? and […]



Alternative approach to depression

What’s the opposite of depression? Most would say happiness, but that’s not the case. Depression doesn’t mean you’re unhappy. It’s more than that. The opposite of depression is vitality. We’re able to understand depression through metaphors, poems, and paintings. Art is an effective way to express these states. But depression isn’t an easy thing to […]



How do I find my own happiness within?

People chase happiness because no one wants to be unhappy. Some people are happy with the way they are, the way life turns out, and what they have. Others feel the need to find happiness in other things, people, and places. It’s highly likely that those people have heard the saying “happiness comes from within” […]



The real problem with procrastination

It seems like procrastination is becoming increasing popular these days. Everyone seems to relate on the stress of waiting till the very last minute to do something – or the lack of concern with waiting till the very last minute to do something. Students seem to be the most common victims of procrastination. Everyone has […]



Frustration improves problem solving

We can all agree that we life would be pretty luxurious is it were easy. No one really desires for difficulty, resistance, or challenges to happen in life. No way! Every parent would prefer their children to behave like angels every minute of each day. Every boss would prefer their employees working seamlessly and customers […]



Childhood trauma’s effect on physical health

Did you know health issues you have today could be related to past childhood trauma? Knowledge of this connection helps us to realize how sensitive children are during developmental years. Trauma doesn’t only affect them emotionally, but physically as well. Early adversity can affect a person’s health for a lifetime.   As a part of […]