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Physical vs. Emotional Health

Ever notice the importance the body seems to have over the mind. People care more about tending to their bodies and making sure their teeth is brushed so they don’t get cavities, washing their hands to prevent the spread of bacteria, or putting a bandaid on a cut to avoid infection. But what about our […]



Understanding self destructive behaviors

Have you realized that something you’ve been doing is actually causing you harm? Do you find that behavior hard to resist? Perhaps you find, or even make up, reasons as to why you can’t resist those behaviors? Maybe it seems physically impossible for you to resist because of something going on with your body? Really, […]



Understanding PTSD

When someone experiences a life threatening situation, it has a dramatic affect on them as a person. Experiences change us throughout life. Some for better, while others can be for worse. When someone goes through something life threatening, they could suffer from symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, commonly referred to as PTSD. When you […]



Introverted or lazy?

Am I just introverted or lazy? Solitude is extremely important to introverts. A misconception of introversion is that introverts rather be alone because they’re unsocial. In actuality, introverts refuel and are at their best selves in their moments of solitude. If you’re an introvert, you can vouch for this. “You’re time” is the most important […]



Stay in control in a difficult conversation

There are conversations or people that drain us or make us feel insecure, maybe even inferior. Sometimes we’re the subject of a joke we don’t agree is funny. People could also just be flat out mean and say demeaning, invalidating, critical things to us in casual conversation that still hurts our feelings.   Of course, […]



Reasons to do yoga

Yoga has become more popular these days, entering a more mainstream reach. Some of us might still be unsure or hesitant of yoga. “I don’t think it’s my thing.” “It’s boring and weird, too hippie for me.” “I’m not flexible at all.” And there are others who have experienced the wonders of taking part in […]



Why crying is healthy

Did you know that crying is healthy? This makes sense when we say that it’s a type of emotional release. Bottling up emotions or just feeling overwhelmed will lead to the need of release. Just like shaking up a can of soda, the pressure builds before it’s about to explode. However, it’s best to avoid […]



Eating out of habit

We do many things out of habit, operating on autopilot. We experience this easily while we’re driving. If we’re headed somewhere new, we’re conscious of every turn and what we’re passing. If we’re driving a routine route while having a conversation with a friend in the car, our autopilot starts to kick in. While we’re […]



Controlling your anger

Generally speaking, anger is usually viewed as a negative emotion. However, anger is one of our basic emotions that serves a purpose to communicate how we’re feeling. Situationally, it’s the “right” emotion to feel. For example, it keeps our sense of social responsibility and justice in tack. It’s good to feel angry when good people […]



Forgiveness in relationships benefits the forgiver too

Forgiveness in relationships can be very difficult. Mainly because we all want to feel the confidence of being in a relationship of equality. However, things start getting rocky when something throws that equilibrium off balance – of justice. When something things start to feel unfair, why should we forgive? That confidence is gone, the equality […]