Dr. Marc Lewis has shared interesting insight about the lives of addicts resembling a general hourglass shape. How so? Well to start off, each addict starts off with their own unique background. Each person has their own blend of families, hometowns, childhood upbringing, education, personalities, etc.. This wide range of life elements that contribute to someone’s life experience would be represented in the hourglass’s wide upper half. This is what determines everyone’s individuality and unique lives.

When addiction begins to take hold of a person, their life begins to narrow. All addicts share this in common, whether it’s alcohol, cocaine, or even food or pornography. The dynamics that broadened their lives start fading out and life narrows in on their addiction. The anxieties, depression, and lack of excitement in their lives are now sugar coated by their addiction. However, that sour coating will eventually lead to more anxieties and struggles. Now everything seems to revolve around their addiction. This becomes life.

Once they start to feel fed up with that life and how it makes them feel, realizing they’ve become a slave to their addiction, the glass begins to widen again. This is symbolized by the wide lower half of the glass. Their life experience starts to open up, including more varying factors. Addicts are no longer focused one thing, they’re allowing themselves to experience and be influenced by so much more. This is recovery; they’re restoring the dynamics in their lives, reviving their uniqueness, and discovering creativity.

This experience is something most addicts can relate to. However, there are those who never reach the widened bottom of the glass. This is difficult for loved ones to witness and experience. It’s hoped for all addicts to reach that widened lower half, but if you or a loved one is struggling within the narrow middle of the glass, please consider reaching out for help from a medical professional. Some people need a little help getting there.

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