Memory Loss/Cognitive Impairment

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Occasionally forgetting things is just a normal fact of life. It’s even somewhat expected that we’ll lose portions of our memory as we age. Aside from these natural phenomena, a significant loss of memory could be a serious condition that should not be ignored.

Our team of psychiatrist are specially trained in diagnosing and treating memory disorders and will perform evaluations for patients experiencing memory loss. The memory workup may consist of an MRI of the brain, laboratory tests and neuropsychological testing.

However, each patient is treated individually and medical workups will vary. Once the evaluation for the patient has been completed, your provider will discuss the proposed treatment plan which includes diagnosing specific conditions, educating patients and families on the challenges and treatments, and providing on-going medication management.

Memory Loss/Cognitive Impairment

Treatment for memory problems is highly variable and requires a customized, patient-centered approach for optimal results. Today, there are many medications and other therapies available to help people with memory problems.

At CrownView Medical Group, we provide patient-centered care using the most advanced options to help patients understand the cause of memory issues and get the most appropriate treatment to relieve symptoms or slow the progression of underlying diseases.

One in Nine Americans Aged 45 and Older Say They Are Experiencing Memory Issues. More Than Half of Those With a Memory Loss Have Not Met With a Healthcare Provider.

Memory Loss/Cognitive Impairment Signs and Symptoms

Memory Loss/Cognitive Impairment often include signs such as the following:

  • problems finding words to describe abstract concepts like feelings or situations
  • asking the same question over and over
  • getting lost easily or having difficulty finding a way home
  • changes in mood or behaviour
  • taking a long time to perform simple, everyday tasks like getting dressed


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