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Meeting the Client Where They’re at… Mentally, Emotionally and Physically

Crownview’s Individualized Case Management and Treatment Program is an innovative approach to psychiatric treatment. Through a comprehensive clinical assessment, we specifically focus on “areas of needed improvement,” developing and implementing a highly customized action plan providing “wrap-around” services including psychiatry, various therapies, nutrition, life skills and case management. This highly adaptive approach differs from conventional treatment by treating the client as a whole person. Using a team approach, we identify treatment components that we believe will be most effective and implement them wherever the client is located. This proven model can greatly decrease costs while increasing efficacy. It also allows us to avoid the client’s fear of conventional treatment settings … ideal for clients who are treatment resistant.

We believe that establishing trust between client and therapist is the foundation of recovery and a catalyst of transformation. This is our first priority – carefully building a relationship with the client at home, hospital, shelter or locked facility. As the client becomes more comfortable with their case manager, they will become increasingly committed to the treatment plan.
Crownview has a deep pool of licensed, certified and experienced clinical professionals, allowing us to accurately assess each client and choose therapists who are the best fit for the case. Because of the adaptive and individualized nature of our program and the extensive network of contacts we’ve built over time, we’re able to quickly fill in the full complement of treatment components. This allows us the flexibility to offer almost any modality of client care, including safe, affordable and supervised housing.

The following are components of our Individualized Case Management and Treatment Program that we may include in your case:

  • Assessment – We begin with a face-to-face, comprehensive needs analysis by one or more of Crownview’s CCM trained professionals. Assessments are performed at the prospective client’s current location, whether at their home or housing, in hospitals, institutions, psychiatric facilities or correctional facilities, or even other situations. The assessment is then reviewed by the CCM Team and an action plan is developed and reviewed with the client and/or client’s family. Coordination and collaboration with previous or current treatment providers is highly valuable, so our team will make every effort to obtain collateral and coordinate care.
  • Treatment Planning and Goal Setting – Once the client and/or family agrees to the terms of the CCM agreement, the team begins planning treatment and setting specific goals. Utilizing a highly adaptive and individualized approach to treatment, our treatment plan is dynamic, able to be modified or expanded as the client’s situation changes. The CCM Team is updated daily to help us track progress. We meet regularly to evaluate the over-all effectiveness of the treatment strategy.
  • Case Management – Utilizing an experiential or “hands-on” approach, our case managers engage with the client and begin forging a relationship of trust. Together they begin identifying and practicing life skills in need of improvement such as finance and budgeting, nutrition and exercise, legal issues, social integration, occupation and education and recreational activities.
  • Psychiatry – Each client is assessed by a Crownview psychiatrist and is seen regularly for follow-up appointments throughout the course of treatment.
  • Individual Therapy – Each client is assigned a highly qualified individual therapist who provides a predetermined number of personal therapy hours per week. They work together to create a therapeutic alliance, help the client identify and correct problem areas and begin arresting self-defeating behavior. When the causes of problematic behaviors are identified, the old thought patterns and coping mechanisms are replaced with new ones in a methodical, self-reinforcing way. As the client begins to practice these new tools and begins to achieve successes, self-esteem and self-efficacy begin to develop. Some of the individual therapies that may be incorporated: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Equine Therapy, EMDR.
  • Group Therapy – As clients begin to get involved in the group therapy process, they begin to identify with one another and learn that they are not alone. Bonds of trust are formed and differences are “worked out,” teaching our clients how to establish, maintain and nurture healthy and lasting relationships. Often with mental illness and addiction, sufferers lose self-confidence, and become trapped in relationships where drugs and alcohol are the common denominator. Over time, this behavior further deepens feelings of insecurity, stifling emotional growth and maturity. The sufferer struggles with anger and resentment and exhibits childlike coping mechanisms. Facilitated group therapy challenges the client to mature emotionally by utilizing new skills, resulting in self-efficacy and confidence.
  • Family Therapy – Our family therapy program is an integral and key component of the recovery process. Our team matches each family with a licensed clinician who will address issues of family trauma, co-dependency and dysfunction caused by mental illness and addiction.
  • Nutrition Program: Each client is supported in creating and maintaining a healthy diet and wellness program that works for them. They will be provided with nutrition education on an ongoing basis and will be shown how to apply this knowledge to their actual eating habits.
  • Housing – Housing can be arranged through one of our partnered housing providers. Crownview has a number of residential solutions that support our program. These sources are well managed, carefully structured residential environments that have been thoroughly vetted and have a history of effective coordination with our treatment team.
  • Specialized Services – Crownview has specialists trained in assisting our clients gain funding and benefits through Social Security, Medi-Cal, State Disability Insurance (SDI), private insurance and other available resources.


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