Elderly and Substance Abuse

Elderly and Substance Abuse When thinking about who struggles with addiction, many overlook the possibility of substance abuse within the aging population.  Addiction knows no age limits. No one is […]

What is Harm Reduction?

History The idea of Harm Reduction started in the early 90’s.  Harm reduction programs such as needle exchanges is what really caught the public’s attention.  In a needle exchange program, […]

Caregiver Fatigue

Caregiver Fatigue Whether you are a parent caring for young children, a child caring for elderly parents, a sibling caring for a disabled sibling, or a friend caring for a […]

Recovery and Eating Healthy

Recovery and Eating Healthy Recovery means much more than quitting drugs, drinking, or smoking.  Recovery means healing mentally, emotionally, and physically from the damage of substance abuse.  Healing is a […]

Recovery Pride

Recovery Pride There are some who are in recovery who wear their recovery badge on their sleeve with pride.  Others, are embarrassed to be in recovery for various reasons. Some […]


Cravings are not limited to food cravings and pregnant women.  Anyone can have cravings and it is possible to have cravings for past addictive substances.  Having a craving doesn’t diminish […]

Spirituality a strength

Spirituality a Strength Whether it is mental health, substance abuse, suicide, or general health and wellness, spirituality can be a strength and protective factor.  Spirituality and religion are similar, but […]

Benefits of being grateful

Benefits of Being Grateful Actively exercising the art of gratitude may have more benefits than one realizes.  Expressing thanks to others, being grateful for specific things, or holding a general […]


Fears Everyone experiences the emotion fear.  It is completely natural and human to be afraid at times and have life fears.  For some, fear can become so great as to […]

Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress Stress is an unpleasant emotion that everyone dislikes.  At times our stress can become so overwhelming it causes us to feel immobile, defeated, and completely helpless.  Everyone experiences […]


Everyone at some point in their life goes through difficult and trying times.  Feeling overwhelmed, lonely, and hopeless are emotions that we all experience. During dark and distressing times, many […]

Social Anxiety

Clammy hands, a racing heart, thoughts spinning out of control, worrying about what others are thinking about you– these could be a few symptoms of social anxiety.  Unless you are […]


Nightmares Just about every one of us has experienced some form of nightmare in their life.  It’s never enjoyable to fall asleep after a long day of stress and work, […]

Social media envy

Social Media Envy There are many positive aspects to social media. Indeed, it is a wonderful way to stay connected with family and friends, some have met their soulmate through […]

Emotional Anchors

Emotional Anchors Being emotionally stable isn’t something that you’re just born with.  Learning how to cope and deal with the challenges that life throws us takes education, practice, learning, teaching, […]


MANIA! In everyday conversations, we hear individuals throw around the word bipolar.  When someone seems “moody” or their emotions seem to be inconsistent, some flippantly throw around the phrase, “you’re […]