Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

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Are you struggling with alcohol dependency? It can be debilitating, affecting your relationships, work, and health. Left untreated, your addiction can even be fatal. But you know your dependency does not define the real you. A broken life does not have to be your destiny.

Alcohol addiction, alcoholism or an alcohol dependence is a cunning and baffling disease that creeps up over a period of time as problematic drinking patterns develop and become a regular part of your life. Your relationship with alcohol becomes characterized by obsession and compulsion.

Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

It takes tremendous courage to face alcohol dependence/addiction head on. Withdrawing from alcohol can be challenging, uncomfortable and even dangerous and for this reason a professionally supervised detox is strongly recommended.

In order to stay alcohol-free for the long term, you’ll also have to face the underlying problems that may have led to your alcoholism or alcohol abuse in the first place.

Our comprehensive and individualized alcohol abuse and addiction treatment plans use approaches proven to help you learn to constructively experience your emotions and develop the tools to remain sober even during times of distress.

17.6 Million People Struggle With Alcohol Use or Dependence. Less Than Eight Percent of Those Who Struggle With Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Receive Treatment.

Alcohol Abuse and Dependence Signs and Symptoms

Alcohol Abuse and Dependence often include signs such as the following:

  • loss of control over amount consumed once they begin drinking
  • regular inattention to family and professional obligations
  • dangerous behaviours that carry risk of legal, financial and/or health consequences for themselves and others
  • increase in expressions of anger or other emotions, especially in inappropriate settings
  • insomnia, which may be followed by oversleeping
  • significant hangovers, and increase in time needed to recover from after-effects of alcohol use
  • increased amount of alcohol consumed because of increased tolerance; or, decrease in the effects of alcohol use without substantial increases in the amount consumed
  • reduced attention to personal and professional responsibilities
  • repeated unsuccessful efforts to reduce alcohol consumption
  • withdrawal symptoms when unable to consume alcohol


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