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Panic Disorder

Panic attacks are unexpected and unpredictable.

Panic Disorder & Panic Attacks

Are there particular situations that make you feel so scared that your heart is beating very fast, you experience shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, feeling hot or cold, trembling, or tingling in your arms and legs? Do you ever get so anxious that you think you will die? Do you get unpredictable panic attacks and you worry that you might be going crazy or losing control completely? These are the most common symptoms associated with panic disorder.

Panic disorder is very treatable.

Even though panic attacks are incredibly difficult to experience, they are also one of the most treatable psychological disorders. Our staff at CrownView Medical Group uses evidence-based practices and can help you improve your symptoms very soon.

Panic Disorder Signs and Symptoms

Panic Disorders often include symptoms such as the following:

  • physical reactions like difficulty breathing (e.g. shallow breathing), rapid heart-beat, sweating, chest pain, shaking/trembling, or feelings of choking/suffocating
  • racing thoughts and difficulty concentrating
  • fear that one is dying or fear of imminent doom
  • fear of “going crazy”
  • fear of having a heart attack
  • fear of losing control
  • fear of repeated, unpredictable attacks
  • fear of visiting certain places (e.g. crowded spaces) or participating in certain activities (e.g. exercise) for fear of having another panic attack


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