With immediate access to all our digital needs within our hands, it’s pretty easy to become dependent on our phones and mobile devices. What do you when you or your child is too dependent on them, possibly having a cell phone addiction? Here’s some tips to help you unplug and get back in touch with the real world.


  1. Have lunch or meet up with friends somewhere – Much of our communication happens via messaging or phone calling. Let’s try having more face-to-face contact with our loved ones. There’s nothing like enjoying each other’s company and sharing an experience.
  2. Set some boundaries – set some screen-free time aside. Either leave your phone in your bag, in another room, or face down on the table. Detach from your device and focus on something else.
  3. Do something with your free time –  Sometimes we just look at our screens because we’re bored. If that’s the case, you just need something to do. When you have free time or find yourself idle, reach for a book, go on a hike, or do an activity with a friend.
  4. Phone stacking – when you’re out with friends, make an agreement to stay in the moment with each other and spend quality time by stacking your phones in a pile in the center. If you’re out to dinner, there can be a rule where whoever grabs there phone first pays!
  5. Set your ringtones and alerts – Get creative with your ringtones and alerts. Set specific tones for specific people or alerts so you know what needs your immediate attention and what can wait. That way you’ll be able to tell if your client is calling or you got a Facebook comment.
  6. Self talk – If you find yourself distracted thinking about your phone while listening to someone talking to you, give yourself a mental self reminder, “I’m listening to this person right now, stay in the moment.”
  7. Wear a watch – We use our phones a lot to check the time. Wear a watch so it removes that need to glance at your screen.

If you or someone you know might be struggling with addiction of any kind, please contact a medical professional at Crownview Medical Group. We are trained professionals offering specialized treatments and therapy to help you live life at your optimum best.