We can unanimously agree that technology has become a vital part of our modern lives. There’s a high chance that your cell phone is lying within reach, if not already in your grasp, assuming you’re like the average technology dependent person today. There’s a tugging compulsion to look at our mobile screens throughout the day, even if we just glanced at it to check the time 5 minutes ago –  would that be considered a cell phone addiction?


We depend on cell phones to stay in contact with friends and loved ones via text, messaging, emails, and phone calls. Our curiosity and nosiness can get the best of us when we feel impulsed to scroll through our Facebook and Instagram updates every 20 minutes. Or maybe it’s our instant access to the internet that we’re hooked on. Recipes, DIY projects, photography, videos, games, news updates and current events…check the weather, get directions to the restaurant, look up reviews for that restaurant…we do it all on our phones!


Even though our phone is practical, useful, and makes life more convenient, is it possible to have a cell phone addiction? Can we survive without our phones? Would we ever be without our phones anyway? It’s an interesting complex where our phones keep us all connected yet disconnected. Disconnected, how so? Well there’s a study that reported texting and cell phone conversation being the most common ways teens socialize with their peers outside of school, surpassing face-to-face contact. By experiencing life through our devices, it’s preventing us from experiencing life firsthand.


We should take some time to unplug and be a part of life – interact with people face-to-face, spend time in nature, go somewhere, move our bodies – recharge our spirits. Balance should be the ultimate goal we always strive for. Balance between what’s real and what’s digital is important.


Dopamine highs and addictive withdrawal symptoms have been associated with cell phone use similar those of cocaine, heroin, and other substances. It’s important to monitor our attachment to our devices to maintain healthy use.


If you or a someone you know might be struggling with addiction of any kind, please contact a medical professional at Crownview Medical Group. We are trained professionals who specialize in addiction treatments and therapy to help you live life as your best self.