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Meeting our Clients where they Are…

Co-occurring conditions often make traditional in-office appointments
very difficult. We connect with clients where they are, and get them
where they need to be, monitoring their progress to help them
ultimately achieve a restored, healthy life.

Residential intensive outpatient Program (ioP)

This intensive psychotherapy track begins with direct intervention,
often placing the client in offsite housing. Our full clinical staff provides
both individual and group sessions for core component and adjunct
therapies Monday through Friday, providing three hours of therapy
daily. We can also offer telepsychology services in some situations.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP – Day program)

A more extensive psychotherapy track providing a full five hours of
therapy daily. Our staff provides both individual and group sessions at
our clinic for both core component and adjunct therapies, from
Monday through Friday.

Transitional Outpatient Program

Transitional housing provides a bridge for the client between the more
intensive outpatient program and the community, gradually reducing
therapy time as they re-integrate into a fuller life. Appointment
schedules run Monday through Friday, providing up to three hours
of therapy daily.

Our goal for each client is always to achieve a healthy
re-integration into life, providing balance, hopefulness
and a viable network of supportive relationships.