Recovering from an addiction is no easy walk in the park. It’s a struggle that challenges an individual daily by throwing triggering temptations around every corner. The line is drawn by the resistance to these triggers; to give in or not to give in? When an addict becomes dependent on a substance, the abuse deteriorates one’s ability to resist. Most of those struggling with addiction can’t do it alone.

Because this toxic dependence affects a user chemically, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, the best support would come from a team of professionals who can individually focus on healing a specific part of a person’s general well being. This approach to treatment enables for a more complete recovery by restoring strength and stability to the entire self, which helps a person resist urges and triggers after treatment.

Through a comprehensive clinical assessment, focusing on specific areas of needed improvement, professionals are able to develop and implement a highly customized action plan providing wrap-around services including psychiatry, various therapies, nutrition, life skills, and case management.

Treatment that only focuses on one aspect, doesn’t always result in the long term sobriety. This is because there’s more to a person than just one facet. And addiction doesn’t only affect people in one way, they are completely affected – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Addiction also doesn’t affect everyone the same way. Therefore, conventional treatment isn’t successful for everyone. Each person looking to restore optimum health deserves to get optimum attention and support, looking at their entire well being.

Getting support from a team of professionals who are able to focus on these specific areas, allow them to identify components that need attention, not leaving anyone with any weak points to fend for themselves in the outside world outside of treatment.

If you or a loved one are looking to get sober and healthy, addiction free, and restore strength and stability, please consider individualized case management. Crownview Medical Group has a team of medical professionals specializing in case management treatment for residential and outpatient treatment programs.