When it comes to addiction treatment, individuals have the option of residential programs or intensive outpatient programs. For some, this may be confusing. What is the difference? Which works better? Do they have different results in long term sobriety? Which works best?

First of all, receiving treatment is a great decision to make, regardless if it’s at a residential facility or outpatient program. It’s the first initiative to restoring strength and stability and that’s great!

Here’s a look at the benefits of residential addiction treatment:

Residential treatment is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week program providing a daily schedule. For some, this may seem too redistricting but this routine allows each person to focus on improving their health. This works best for those who struggle resisting cravings when they experience moments of down time. Having clear boundaries and structure helps some rebuild willpower and personal commitments and goals.

Unfortunately, there’s a stigma to addiction which intimidate some people from reaching out for treatment. Recovering addicts sometimes feel misunderstood and isolated, maybe even judged or pressured. Residential programs surround patients with professionals and fellow patients who can understand, relate, and empathize in a safe environment. Being around others who can share stories of struggle and success through the recovery process can be very supportive for most people. Some also find it more comforting to have someone available during tough moments, whether it’s a fellow patient or professional guide.

Patients are able to stay in a focused environment free from distractions such as work, school, friends, and family. A patient is able to completely focus on themselves, healing and strengthening. Aside from freeing individuals from distractions, focusing solely on recovering helps them turn their focus away from addictions and back to their well being. People are able to move on from unhealthy habits and build new healthy ones.

Not to disqualify intensive outpatient treatment, because it does work for some, for those who have been unsuccessful, please consider an inpatient program. The ultimate goal is to achieve sobriety and restore optimum strength and health. If you can benefit from these factors, it will most likely be the best option for you. For further information and arrangements for residential or outpatient programs, contact Crownview Medical Group – with locations in San Diego, California. We have trained professionals specializing in treatments and therapy to help you live life as the best you.