When recovering from addictions, there are different options for treatment. Most people are more familiar with residential inpatient treatment facilities. Some who struggle with addiction are turned off by “rehab” centers and committing to being “away” for extended lengths of time. If this resonates with you or a loved one seeking sobriety, there’s another option! We’re talking about intensive outpatient addiction treatments.

The name is pretty self explanatory. It’s a treatment program that can be arranged outside a facility, wherever you’re located. Here are some benefits of intensive outpatient programs:

If individualized program permits, individuals can maintain their presence at work or school while getting treated. Without the restriction of being at a facility, people can continue fulfilling their responsibilities.

Being able to return to the comforts of your own home allows people to be surrounded by the love and support of their friends and family. For some people, this is aids in their recovery because being away from their loved ones for extended lengths of time can be a distracting heartache.

Often times, the real test for recovered addicts is the return home. They achieve sobriety in a focused distraction free facility with the support of professionals and fellow patients, but struggle once they leave that environment. Hitting the real world that’s full of tempting triggers can be challenging and cause anxiety. On the other hand, outpatient programs give individuals the opportunities to resist, cope, and strengthen urges while living around triggers.

Intensive outpatient addiction treatment is strictly monitored, coordinated, and structured by professionals guiding an addict through recovery while working around their current lifestyle. It builds self regulating skills and self control immediately since patients are recovering in the depths of reality.

If you or a loved one is seeking sobriety and optimum strength and health, please consider addiction treatments that work for you – residential (inpatient) or outpatient programs. If these benefits appeal to you, intensive outpatient addiction treatment may work best.

Contact Crownview Medical Group for further information. We have trained professionals specialized in helping you recover and live your life as your best self. We offer both residential and outpatient programs that are individually customized to achieve optimum health and general wellness.