When talking about addictions, we usually assume drug or alcohol addictions. However, we can be addicted to so many different things without realizing it because they’re a part of our everyday lives. So it tends to go overlooked or underestimated. In fact, it’s the addictive behavior we see commonly with social media, watching Netflix series, eating, or exercising. Addictions aren’t only serious if it’s pertaining to drugs or alcohol, anything can be taken too far.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you’re addicted to something that might be unhealthy:

How important is it?
Does it take priority over other things in your life? Is it an important part of your sense of self? Does it prevent you from doing other things? Do you feel like your thoughts and time are consumed by it?

Is it rewarding?
Do you feel good when you do it? Does not doing it make you feel worse? Does it make you feel in control? Even if this is something considered as something good, remember too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. Of course we all want to feel good as often as possible. Just keep it at a healthy level, don’t overdo it.

Need more?
Do you find yourself doing it for extended periods of time, longer than you planned? Do you feel like it’s not enough and you need more? Are you carving out time just for “a little bit more?”

Causing disruption?
Does it cause disruption in your life and relationships? Does it make you anxious when you don’t do or have it? Do other things in your life start to feel inconvenient?

Is there something you want to change but keep putting it off, like dieting? “I’ll start on Monday since it’s the beginning of the week.” And don’t. Are you making up excuses and reasons to continue what you’re doing?

If you answered yes to these questions regarding a behavior, you might be living with an addiction. Too much of anything is never a good thing. We need to strive for a healthy balance in every aspect of our lives. It’s beneficial to look into the reasons why you may be compulsive or addicted to certain behaviors. Often times there is a hidden emotional or psychological trigger or void that we’re unaware of.

If you would like to restore that balance in your life, please contact Crownview Medical Group and get professional advice. Medical professionals specialize in providing guidance and therapy for addiction.