You know those moments when you’re supposed to be focused and working, but you’re just feeling so lazy, unmotivated, and/or burnt out? We’re all familiar with these spells, but believe it or not, we should actually listen to these prompts. Yes, when you’re feeling unmotivated or distracted, that’s your mind telling you to take a break. And you should! Isn’t that some good news?


Society has been operating on the robotic routine and belief that more hours spent working equals more productivity. However, studies are popping up disproving that myth and actually revealing that productivity increases when we work less. Even more good news!


Typical “less is more” situation. Basically, when we work longer hours and feel burnt out, it’s because we actually are. When we continue to trudge through the hours while burnt out, we’re actually spending more time doing something we could do quicker if our brains were alert and focused. When we are charged and ready, we are capable of zipping through our work. As we start to slump down, that’s when we need to take a break and do something fun or relaxing to take our minds off our to-do lists and recharge. This helps us to recharge and refocus, which will give us the boost we need to increase productivity.


Here are some tips to recharge and refocus aka slacking off strategically:

  • Give yourself recesses! Adults need mental breaks too. Don’t bore yourself focusing on one thing all day.
  • Reawaken your mind by taking a break to listen to music, read a book, watch a short video.
  • Go for a walk outside, get in nature. Let the sun stimulate your senses.
  • Eat something! Doesn’t snacking make everyone happy? If you need more than a snack, then of course refuel with a meal. So what if you ate lunch twice!
  • Socialize. Spend some time with other people. Get a good laugh, learn something, bond, get closer to someone. Just interact! It’s good for you.
  • Daydream. Studies show that zoning out is the precursor to boosted focus.


These are just some suggestions. As long as you’re taking breaks, do whatever it is you want to do. Keyword: want. Not need. That’s your time for you. Whatever you’re in the mood for, allow yourself to do it.


Of course don’t overdo it and waste your time. There’s a difference between a break and just absolute slacking off. We’re not just not-working. Remember this is “strategic slacking off.” You’re doing to recharge for improved performance, quality over quantity. Achieve more by working less!


Be your best you and work at your fullest potential. Don’t burn yourself out by the hours.


If you’re struggling to cope with work, stress, and feel like you have a lot on your plate, contact a medical professional at Crownview Medical Group who can talk you through it. Stress has a big influence on physical and mental wellness.