Dying can be a scary thought for some people. Others might feel more accepting of our imminent death. When our imagination runs wild and we envision different scenarios, we might psych ourselves out. What about the people who are chronically ill, who know the end may be approaching sooner than later? Or what about the older seniors in their 80s? Are they afraid time is running out? Is death our greatest fear?


In one study, terminally ill cancer and ASL patients wrote blog articles expressing their feelings towards their reality. Another group of healthy participants were asked to imagine having a terminal illness and blog about it. Researchers examined the content, looking for negative and positive perspectives and feelings. Based on those blogs, it turns out that terminally ill patients had a more positive tone and perspective to their writings. The healthy participants who imagined being terminally ill, were more negative, focusing on death approaching.

In a second study, researchers examined the last words of inmates on death-row. Their last words were compared to poetry written by other death-row inmates. These results resembled closely to the previous study. The last words were more positive than the poetry written by other inmates.


This tells us that we fear death when it’s further away. When it gets nearer, we’re less afraid. We see this in many seniors in comparison to younger people. Young people fear the thought of death more than seniors who feel like they lived full lives. This might have something to do with the idea that there’s so much more ahead and not being able to fulfill those things could be tragic. People aren’t so much afraid of death itself. It’s the anxiety that surrounds it when we’re not ready for it.


Is there such thing as being ready for death? The best thing we can do is make sure we live full lives. We should explore, adventure, try new things, go to new places, and do as much as we can. We should also focus on meaningful close relationships with people who uplift and support us. Everyday well spent, is a life well lived. When we’re focused on living, we feel alive. We don’t focus on death or dying, which keeps us positive.

There’s no reason to fear death when we’ve experienced all life has to offer, loved, and felt love. Feeling happy with ourselves and our lives, helps us to maintain a positive outlook on the future. There’s no anxiety, worry, or regret. We’re content with all that comes our way.

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