We’re all aware that change is an inevitable part of life. The only way we can grow and expand the quality of our life experience is through opportunities and changes. Some people get excited by change while others are terrified, confused, and resistant to change. Whether change is seen as a good or bad thing, it will always help us grow. We learn so much about ourselves, situations, and life around us. Life wouldn’t be as exciting if we stayed stagnant, didn’t progress, didn’t experience anything different. We should embrace change because even if it’s an unfavored change, it always makes us wiser and helps us to evolve.


How to approach change:



  • Understand what you’re facing – We have to accept change as a natural part of life. We need to objectively look at what’s going on. We feel apprehensive when we see change; however, what really makes us feel apprehensive is actually what we don’t see, which means we don’t understand it. Best thing to do, is get as much information as you can to clarify any uncertainties.
  • We can’t control everything – When change happens abruptly or unplanned, sometimes we feel like we have no control over the situation. That’s because the unforeseen change has shook our rational thinking which makes us believe that we have absolutely no control which can be scary. But we can always control our attitude. Different changes might allow us to have more control over different aspects to that situation while others only leave us with our attitude. Just focus on what we can control in each situation and trust what we can’t.
  • See change as a process – Change can feel overwhelming sometimes. Break it into steps or stages and take each one at a time. This will help you to feel more in control and see how you’re making progress adjusting to change. Some changes will be larger than others, which will be more an adjustment.
  • Don’t be rash – Avoid making rash decisions and regretting them. Patience can be a hard thing to hold onto in a time of change, but that’s what you need to help you cope with stress. Don’t fixate on puzzling details, conserve your energy to move through the entire process, not just the beginning.
  • No negative talk – Don’t victimize yourself. You can deal with this! It’s not too much to handle! You’re only given what you can handle, life is on your side. Don’t anchor yourself down with negative thoughts. Remember how good you are and all that you have in life. Don’t let unpleasant developments bring you down, because they’re still developments nonetheless
  • Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture – life might just redirect you down a path you weren’t planning on going down, but maybe if you knew what was ahead, you would trust that it’s the right way for you.



If you’re going through a change in your life and you’re struggling to readjust, please contact Crownview Medical Group to get connected with a medical professional who can help you make the transition.