Many think that self-esteem and self worth are the same thing and use the terms interchangeably. Self-esteem is the confidence that one has in themself, their personal perception of themself. Self worth exists whether or not you recognize it. Everyone has self worth, it is intrinsic, and when you come to discover and recognize that self worth, that is when you have self-esteem.

How to Find Your Worth

Your self worth is a treasure, buried within. It already exists, it was created when you were created. Just by being a human and being alive, you have worth. For some it is easier to discover and acknowledge their self worth than others. Some of us, may “know” we are of worth but have a difficult time acknowledging and accepting our worth. For others, it might seem like everyone who tells us of our worth is crazy and we are the only ones who cannot see it. Everyone will struggle at times to acknowledge our self worth because of various barriers.

Barriers to Your Discovery

What holds you back from discovering your self worth? Is your definition of worth too narrow and limited to finite things such as money, weight, education, cars, marriage, or praise? Having a narrow definition of worth is a major barrier. Remember that worth is not achieved, but discovered. It already exists within you, no matter who much money you make, how much you weigh, or how many degrees you have.

Trauma can also be a significant barrier. If you experienced a trauma, physical, emotional, sexual, or mental that left you feeling worthless this can be difficult to overcome. When someone treats us less than what we really are and fails to see our worth, sometimes we come to believe that we really are worthless. This is false. Your worth is not defined by others. Healing from trauma takes time and a mental health professional can help in the healing process.

Overcoming Barriers

Some ways to overcome your barriers that prevent you from seeing your self worth include surrounding yourself with those who can see your worth and excluding those who cannot see it. Cut out the toxic relationships and fill your space with those who see clearly and fill you with positive energy.

Fall in love with yourself. The same way you might court and date someone you are interested in, spend that time and energy on yourself. Treat yourself the way you would treat someone you admired and wanted to impress. This includes speaking to yourself nicely, treating yourself to fun, gifts, good food, and relaxation. Just like you would ask a date questions and observe things you like about that person, take time to discover who you are and what you admire about yourself. This could become a daily activity where you write down one or a few things you admire about yourself.

Talking to a medical professional has been very helpful for some. Sometimes you need to bounce thoughts off someone who could either act as a mirror to help you see things differently or provide guidance. Everyone has a unique story. Some people may need advice applicable to their unique situation.

If you’re in the Southern California region, please contact Crownview Medical Group to get in touch with a trained medical professional who can provide guidance.

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Struggling with self worth?

Get in touch with a trained medical professional who can can provide guidance.

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