Depression is pretty demanding. It leaks into every part of our lives, affecting our thoughts, opinions, behaviors, and feelings. So when we look into the future and it seems quite dim, it’s most likely caused by our depressed state of being. However, a new study turns this around. In fact, it looks into people feeling depressed and uninspired by their lives/future. So, rather than our future seeming depressive because of our state of mind, they’re saying we’re depressed from looking into the future. In other words, the way we see our future-self affects our mental health today! Wow!


This is how it works: if we are able to see possibility in our future, we naturally aim towards that aspiration and find paths in our lives that will get us there. This is creates a type of magnetic propelling movement. For those of us who struggle to see possibility in our futures, there’s a sense of lack or hopelessness in important dimensions of our lives. For example, a career, a relationship, a purpose, or an achievement. That explains why someone would feel stagnant and stuck in rut. If you’re already depressed, this will make you feel more weighed down. This also can make someone depressed if they weren’t already. However, just by seeing possibilities in our future, we’re able to get ourselves out of that depressive rut as well!


So a pessimistic outlook on life isn’t always a symptom of depression, but our outlook can also be a cause of depression.


Researchers have also found that three particular outlooks on the future can cause depression (which makes sense):


  • Poor generation of possible futures
  • Poor evaluation of possible future
  • Negative beliefs about the future


Prospection as a cause of depression is something that should be looked at more. If we can influence prospection, we can lighten depression and help people move towards a brighter future full of limitless possibilities!


If you or a loved one struggles with depression or a negative outlook on life, please reach out for some advice. Contact Crownview Medical Group and get in touch with a medical professional who can help you live your life at its optimum potential.