Many people have experienced times or situations when they feel stuck. They are in a situation they can’t seem to get out of. It can be an unhealthy relationship full of fighting, yelling, and feeling misunderstood or feeling miserable in a job that dread working everyday. Why can’t we just leave these situations if we’re so unhappy and it’s so unfulfilling? Everyday that goes by, we feel more and more paralyzed. Here’s how to get yourself out the rut!

Mobilize Yourself

There’s a difference between knowing what we should be doing and actually doing something about it. We can read all the books we want, research everyday, talk about leaving, but if we never do then we never will. This is how we immobilize ourselves. We all do this. Just like when we eat a ton of sugar when we know we shouldn’t or when we don’t exercise daily even though we know we should.

Get Some Perspective

Acting on something we know we should be doing is easier said than done, which is why we never do. When we think of those situations like working out or eating less junk food, it somewhat becomes easier. This is because our perspective turned to something we understand and can make sense of. Yes, there’s no way we will get healthier if we don’t exercise and we can’t exercise when we’re just laying around all day all night – this applies the same way when you feel stuck; I will never live happy and fulfilled if I continue doing the things that make me so unhappy.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The problem, is that it stops there. We know we should, we know how to solve our problems, but we don’t. There’s comfort and stability in our current situation, regardless if if the relationship itself could be so discomforting and unstable. It’s what we know. It’s hard for some to see their lives any different, even if that’s exactly what they want, something else.

Summon the Courage

What we need is the courage to walk away. The courage to give up the familiar to live unknowingly, for the sake of our well being. If you’re struggling to get yourself out of a rut, there could be a deeper reason to why you’re hanging on, even when you know better.

Do You Feel Stuck in Life?

If you or a loved one is currently feeling stuck and needs help, please contact Crownview Medical Group to connect with a medical professional who can give you some advice and listen to your story.