What’s the opposite of depression? Most would say happiness, but that’s not the case. Depression doesn’t mean you’re unhappy. It’s more than that. The opposite of depression is vitality. We’re able to understand depression through metaphors, poems, and paintings. Art is an effective way to express these states. But depression isn’t an easy thing to understand. Mostly because it’s unique to each person. Depression is more than just sadness.

When you’re depressed, you know a lot of your symptoms are ridiculous. But not while you’re feeling it. You know other people are able to manage simple things and go through their day to day routines without the dread. You know they’re able to enjoy things and experience life as a part of it. When you’re in it’s grip, you’re unable to feel your way around it. You’re more so paralyzed. You feel less and less until all you feel is anxiety. You’re so afraid and you have no clue what you’re afraid of. Things get darker and darker to the point of wondering what’s the point of living anymore. Then you may start medications and therapies. Are they working? Are they making you feel more like yourself or someone else? Who are you anyway? Is it a chemical problem or a psychological problem, what kind of cure do you need?

What’s interesting is that depression has kind of been bred into us as a part of our character and personality. It can be seen as the natural flaw in love. We can’t marry someone and nonchalantly think, “Well if they die I’ll just find someone else.” There’s no love without loss. Love needs that fear of despair to drive intimacy. That’s where we find meaning a relationship, that’s how we appreciate someone being with us. We’re meant to feel the highs and the lows.

But like previously mentioned, everyone’s experience with depression is unique to them. Some people can have a mild depression but feel completely broken and torn, while others can have severe depression but remain able to function. What is it that makes someone more resilient than others? Some people refer to their depression like they’re dying. It’s that scary feeling that kills people.

It takes time, an open mind, and trial and error to find a successful treatment for each person. Here’s an example. If someone with brain cancer says standing on their head makes them feel better, they will still have brain cancer. On the other hand, if someone with depression says standing on their head makes them feel better, then they’re cured! This is because depression is an illness of how we feel. So if we feel better, somehow/in whatever way it may be, then that’s what makes them feel better. And if they feel better, they cured their depression. Examples of these kinds of treatments could be anything from starting a new hobby like knitting, working out, going to the beach regularly, volunteering in the community, journaling, attending a church, etc.. An alternative approach could be your answer.

If you or a loved one struggles with symptoms of depression, please contact Crownview Medical Group to get in touch with a medical professional who can help you find your unique treatment.

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