ANGER! We all get grumpy, hangry, cranky, moody, and straight up pissed off.  Anger is a normal emotion for us human beings. Anger is a spectrum. Some of us feel […]

Slow money

Slow Money   The road to recovery is a long and bumpy one.  There are many resources to provide emotional, mental, and even spiritual help for those trying to pursue […]

Highs and lows

From Chasing the Highs to Escaping the Lows Most if not all of those who use, will remember their first “high.” Often that first high was the best high and […]


#GOALS With the New Year we are going to see a lot of individuals striving for change, a better year, resolutions, and good intentions.  Let’s be honest though, by the […]

judging autism

Judging Autism

Some people might feel like the topic of autism is a more common today than ever before. While autism is no recent discovery, this goes to show how awareness and […]