The sun is an incredible energy source. We’ve been warned about the dangers of too much sun exposure, scaring us about the risks of skin cancer. Even the beauty industry has frightened us over the dreadful skin damaging effects the sun could have on our faces. Makeup even comes with sunscreen already mixed into it. Shielding ourselves from the sun has become a priority when leaving our homes and stepping into the outdoors.



But think about it. How could a life giving energy be so feared? This is the same energy that our food depends on to grow. We’re ingesting the sun’s energy through these foods. The nourishment of these foods starts from the moment sunlight penetrates the outer layers and the inner cells absorb it.



Many people would be shocked to hear that the sun is extremely healing. Yes, too much sun can be damaging because too much of any good thing will turn into a bad thing. However, we shouldn’t be avoiding it completely. Heliotherapy is an ancient practice of healing diseases and ailments by absorbing the energy of the sun.


  • In combination with whole foods, sunlight has helped put breast cancer into remission.
  • Heliotherapy kills bad bacteria; Niels Finsen won a Nobel Prize for discovering how sunlight could disinfect and heal the wounds of soldiers in WWI.
  • Skin disorders and infections are healed by sunlight, such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections.
  • Believe it or not, Heliotherapy actually lowers cholesterol too! Sunlight converts high cholesterol into steroid hormones and sex hormones.
  • Heliotherapy also lowers blood pressure without the side effects of pharmaceutical medications.
  • Sunlight cleanses the blood and arteries.
  • It boosts the oxygen content in our blood and helps the body to deliver oxygen to other tissues.
  • It strengthens our immune system because white blood cells, which fight against infections in the body, actually increase when we’re exposed to sunlight.
  • Heliotherapy helps cure depression and stabilizing our moods. In areas that experience seasonal weather, many residents feel depressed when there’s not as much sunlight. We absorb vitamin D which is an essential nutrient that helps us feel good.



Really, it’s the time of day that we should be cautious towards. When the sun is at it’s highest in the late morning/early afternoon, that’s when it has greater potential of being harmful. The most healing times to get sunlight is early morning or early evening, sunrise or sunset. Even 15 minutes a day can be healing for our mind, bodies, and spirit. Don’t fear the sun, enjoy the sun!


If you or anyone you know struggles with depression or other instabilities, please contact Crownview Medical Group to get in touch with medical professionals who specialize in healing mind, body, and soul. They will work on an individualized plan that can help a person live life at their most optimum level.