Times get hard, not going to lie. However, it gets hard for everyone. So if everyone has trials and tribulations, why do some people thrive while others get dragged down? When we look at athletes, they’re faced with some of the same adversities such as injuries or losing a game. But why do some athletes keep pushing to improve while others get down on themselves and quit? That difference is what makes a champion. Yes, talent and skill have a big part in the game, but attitude and resilience is what sets them apart from the rest. They’re able to find motivation and purpose in adversity. It doesn’t stop them, they push harder. Here’s how to face adversity, get unstuck, and work harder like a champion:


  1. Just get up – Sometimes just standing up and moving around can bring motivation. It’s easy to sink into depression or laziness while lying down. Just get up, walk outside, and take a few deep breaths. Changing your scenery alone can be motivating.


  1. Work in intervals – Research says that only stay focused for 20 minutes at a time. Don’t make work feel exhausting and forceful. Work for 20 minutes then take a break and jump back to it. We can see more productivity in high focused chunks.


  1. Find gratitude – Sometimes when we feel stuck or depressed, instead of complaining or whiny, let’s not fuss over the little things. Let’s look for the little things to be grateful for. This makes situations lighter and actually shifts our perspectives, pulling us out of that negative downward spiral. Usually when something is going wrong, we zoom in on that one thing, forgetting the gazillion great things that are happening at the same time. If you’re struggling with this, in the moment of stress, just blurt something out.


  1. Get over yourself – Yes, there are hassles in our days, but they’re all things we can handle. Sometimes you really just need to get over yourself and shift your perspective. Things happen, just deal with it and move on. Having that kind of attitude keeps things light and stops them from dragging you down, while giving you energy of putting something into action.


  1. Look forward to something – When we have something to look forward to, it motivates us to work our way towards it. Keep your eye on the prize.


Whatever you do, just don’t stay stuck. Get unstuck. Free yourself into progress and productivity in reaching your goals and ultimate satisfaction in life. If you think you need help getting unstuck, please contact Crownview Medical Group and get in touch with a medical professional who can help you reach your truest potential.