Does decision making ever stress you out? When you’re unsure of what’s right or wrong, hoping to avoid the wrong and choose the right? Sometimes these moments can be paralyzing, trapping us in stagnation. Because we can’t make a decision, we go nowhere. We are literally stuck, which can be frustrating.

So then what do we do? Well, first of all, we can’t fear wrong decisions. We have to embrace them. Yes, wrong decisions come with consequences, setbacks, or unwanted results. However, we learn a lesson.

Our ultimate goal in life is to grow. Whether it’s right or wrong decisions, they both move us forward, teaching us a lesson. Even if those decisions could potentially take us in different directions, at least we are moving forward. It’s better than being stagnant and missing out of opportunities to grow. The only difference between right and wrong decisions is that wrong decisions are more challenging opportunities to learn the same lesson. However, it brings more to the table because it also builds character.

So we shouldn’t be indecisive in fear of wrong decisions and obsessing over right decisions. We need to just make a decision, period. Really, it’s just two decision options. More like decision 1 and decision 2. Whoever started calling them right and wrong, was wrong. Because we are just naturally intimidated by “wrong”. And we shouldn’t be.

If we make the wrong decision, we shouldn’t be regretful or disappointed in ourselves either. That’s the worst thing we could do to ourselves – be hard on ourselves. By no means, am I encouraging reckless and careless decision making, we should always learn from the decisions we make. But learn doesn’t mean to put ourselves down. We can learn without that harsh mentality.

Lessons shouldn’t be avoided. Even the ones that come from “wrong” decisions.