Yoga has become more popular these days, entering a more mainstream reach. Some of us might still be unsure or hesitant of yoga. “I don’t think it’s my thing.” “It’s boring and weird, too hippie for me.” “I’m not flexible at all.” And there are others who have experienced the wonders of taking part in a mindfulness practice. Whatever your feelings are towards yoga, here are some reasons to do yoga right now!


  1. Beneficial for the body – The various poses and stretches improve our flexibility, immune system, muscle strength, bone strength, posture, pain management, and reducing inflammation. A study has even found that “yoga results in changes in the gene expression that boost immunity at a cellular level.” It’s also helped with fatigue and pain management for cancer patients. It’s also helped to improve breathing for those with asthma. It’s also helped to reduce migraine headaches.
  2. Stress management – The calming effects of slow deep breathing has been known to reduce stress and calm our minds from racing thoughts. It also quiets anxiety. A study found that yoga also increases serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that boosts mood. It also decreases the stress hormone cortisol. This helps those suffering with mood and anxiety related disorders.
  3. Mind body awareness – Improved mental health is strongly related to the connection between mind and body. This increases our awareness and keeps us grounded when we’re feeling like we’re drifting off. Aligning the mind and body through yoga is not only physically beneficial but mentally as well. The mind body connection helps a person be more attuned to how the body reacts to thoughts and how thoughts react to the body.
  4. Detach from technology – With technology obsessions and addictive behaviors becoming more prevalent in society, yoga helps a person to detach from their devices. Because it demands your attention, we remain focused on our breath and our bodies while distancing ourselves from distractions – keeping us in the present moment. Technology and social media influences negative physical (eyes train), social (not being in the present moment, insecurities, bullying, comparing ourselves to our peers), and economic (poor work performance) impacts on our lives. Yoga gives us a moment to unplug and be present to be more mindful and aware of ourselves and our surroundings.
  5. Focusing – Yoga poses require us to center our focus and remove our distractions in order to hold the position. We also hold the pose for a few rounds of breathing which means we hold our focus for that entire time. Doing this improves our balance, coordination, memory, and exercises our brains. If our minds wander, so do our balance.


If you struggle with focusing, coping with stress management, or feel like you need to be realigned, please contact Crownview Medical Group to get in touch with a medical professional who can provide you with helpful advice for your individual needs.