Let’s look at depression as a hole. Those of us who experience waves of depression or sink deep into it for a while, are familiar with this feeling of being in a hole. Sometimes we can be in this hole for just a brief moment before we get out, while other times we are hopelessly stuck deep down in it. We know this hole is dark, lonely, scary, and makes us feel small and useless. Clearly, we’re all aware that this is an unhealthy place to be in; especially when we’re wandering blindly in that hole.


All depending on the individual, for some, something big or small could trip them up; all it takes is a failed project, breakup, rejection, or some kind of loss to send them down a doomed spiral. This is dangerous for those who struggle to get themselves out. The resilient ones are able to find the light and climb out before it’s too late. Others can be stuck down there for what seems like their entire lives. No one should be living this way, everyone deserves to live in the light and out of the darkness.


So how do we do that? The dark hole of depression is inevitable, we’re only human. That is absolutely true. Life will always manage to knock us down, but the difference is, will we get back up again or not? It is important – and rather healthy – to acknowledge that the hole of depression is there, it’s a real thing, it exists. However, we don’t have to live in it. We can acknowledge the moments we’re in it then get out.


Again, so how we do that also? Well, the answer to our prayers is action! We start to do the things we would do when we’re not depressed or what we want to do. Even if we’re not in the mood for it, that will follow with action. Sometimes we wait for motivation before we take action. However, motivation and action are a tag team no matter which comes first. So if we wait for motivation before we take action, we could be opening the possibility of waiting forever. So just jump and take action! The motions of being active, focused, and productive will actually motivate you. And that motivation in itself will pull you out of the hole of depression.


We’re not perfect. We can’t always dodge the hole, but we won’t live in it. We will be proactive in getting ourselves back into the light and live life to the fullest!


If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, please contact a medical professional for advice and therapy. Crownview Medical Group has trained medical professionals who specialize in working together to help you live life to your optimum potential.