We have all heard the common saying, life begins outside your comfort zone, at least once in our lives. We post and read these quotes all over social media as a motivational push, but do we really listen to it? Are we really paying attention to our comfort zones and how we are or aren’t stepping out of them? A lot of times they’re nice reminders but we’re not following through with that state of mind.


When we look at situations like obesity and food addiction, that person’s comfort zone is self destructive and dangerous for their health. They will never free themselves from the bondage of cravings and counterproductive self soothing if they continue to think and react the same way they have been all this time. Because what we’ve done to get us to the point we’re at and keep us there is different from what we need to do help us move forward. Binge eating and feeling depressed will never help anyone to lose weight and get healthy. There needs to be a switch in lifestyle and attitude in order to start doing things differently. Otherwise, we limit ourselves within that comfort zone and to what feels safe.


We need to step out of our comfort zones and allow ourselves to progress.


By stepping out of our comfort zones, we’re able to experience so much more than we thought. Our lives become so much larger than they were. We gain more confidence because we prove our own capabilities to ourselves. We learn so much more about ourselves and our place in the world around us. We’re empowered by the freedom and control we have over our lives, nothing can hold us back.


We can lose the weight, get that promotion, move to that city, fall in love, be true to ourselves, anything! We can do whatever we want as long as we take the initiative to do it! This can be easier said then done. Sometimes the best advice is the hardest to hear, the ones we don’t want to admit to. However, those are usually the reality checks we need. The only reason why they are hard for us to hear or admit to is because those very words/solutions are outside our comfort zone.


Ask yourself what would be the hardest advice you could hear about your situation. What would be the tough love thing someone could tell you? What you tell someone you love? Mull over those answers…do they reveal anything to you? Maybe an insecurity? Maybe a reality check? See the positive reasoning behind them and step out! If you’re trying to lose weight, maybe something like “don’t eat as much” might be something you need to reevalute. Yes that might be rude and harsh, but think about it, it’s reality.


If you feel like there are things deeper within you that are holding you back from stepping out of your comfort zone or understanding those reality checks, there’s nothing wrong with that. Please contact us and reach out to a medical professional for some advice at Crownview Medical Group.