Ever notice how some people seem happier than others? Or how some people are more prone to being bored easily? This is because some people have a different capacity to find pleasure. This incapacity to enjoy the small things in life can be seen in individuals who struggle with depression and addiction. It’s unclear as to why some people have a lower capacity than others – a child development issue that leads to developing addictions or depression?

If a person has lost the capacity to feel pleasure, optimistically, what was once there can be regained. On the other hand, if it was never there, it will need to be learned from scratch. Looking at someone’s capacity for pleasure can also be used as a health marker. Understanding this might spark someone to appreciate more and develop a sense of curiosity. Some people may consider going for a hike, visiting a museum, volunteering for a cause, or joining a new dance class – all therapeutic experiences to expand our capacity for pleasure.

Dr. Mark Banschick says, “a patient’s weak capacity to enjoy life’s small pleasures leads inevitably to the necessity to feel something at any cost.” Without the ability to enjoy small things, people tend to be more compelled to the danger of high stimulus pleasures and their destruction.

Rather than turning to high stimulus pleasures which opens the potential for addiction and depression, please seek professional advice. If you are located in the Southern California area near/within San Diego, contact Crownview Medical Group to talk to a medical professional. Services for depression, addiction, and interventions are available.



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