It’s never a good idea to hold things in. Why? Because it can build up within us, growing, or spiral out of control. We need to release the tension. Sometimes wandering alone in a bad neighborhood within our thoughts can be dangerous. We need to let it out, take the weight off our shoulders. Talking to a friend, someone we trust, can be very eye opening – allowing us to see what we weren’t able to on our own. Empathy can also be very healing as well.

But what it you don’t want to talk to anyone, aren’t you left with keeping it in? The answer is, of course not. You can keep it to yourself without keeping it in. Write it down. Well more like write it out. Writing is very therapeutic if you just take the time to do it. When we sit down to write, we slowdown and gather ourselves. As we write, we are thinking. But only as slow as our hands allow us to think. This is where writing becomes meditative.

As we write, we begin to make sense of things. It’s a pretty bizarre and spiritual experience. Almost like you’re in tuned with yourself, hearing your own advice. Look at that, writing can be spiritual and connective as well. It’s literally a moment with ourselves. And just write, don’t worry about grammar or spelling. Just let your thoughts flow and write out whatever comes to mind. You will have moments that shock yourself, when you realize what you’re writing.

Once everything is out on paper, you feel much lighter. Because it’s no longer weight on your shoulders. It’s no longer harbored inside you, brewing. You released the mental clutter through a personal and solo outlet. With the clutter removed, you gain a more enlightened sense of clarity, opening you to the good that’s trying to get to you.

Don’t knock it before you try it. Take a few minutes at the start of your day to write a page or two of whatever comes to mind in that moment. Whether it’s something that has been bothering you for a while or just a random thought that popped up that second, write it down.

No matter what you write about or where you start, you will always end up somewhere else. Whether it’s a personal revelation, answer, or better feelings towards something. Only goodness can come out of it. Experience the healing power of writing – Give it a try!