Feeling stressed out or depressed are not really goals people intentionally seek out. In fact, if we don’t manage these emotions, it can be very unhealthy. There’s one simple trick that can make a huge impact on getting a handle on these emotions. One word: acceptance.

Just one switch in your attitude can make the world of a difference. If we accept a person or situation as it is, it will have less of an affect on us. It’s the attitude of “it is what it is,” knowing we can’t change things and won’t get worked up over that fact. It’s not ignoring or disregarding our feelings, it’s just a perspective. We still recognize our emotions, but look at the situation differently so it doesn’t affect us negatively.

This goes along with the Buddhist belief of pain and suffering. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. The way we approach and deal with pain is all about perspective and resilience. Suffering is an unhealthy weight that can spawn from mismanaged emotions. Suffering is stress we create for ourselves.

Depression can be a challenge to pull ourselves out of at times, but a shift in perspective can make a huge difference. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but if you don’t want to suffer then choose to practice acceptance. And you will feel the force lifted off your shoulders. You will no longer feel a struggle or resistance in your life. You will feel the flow of situations around you, rather than situations happening to you.

If you struggle with depression and coping with stress – and practicing acceptance – please seek professional advice. If you are located in Southern California near the San Diego region, please contact Crownview Medical Group to talk with a medical professional. We have offices located in Carlsbad and Coronado.