Do you have the same dreams over and over? A particular situation with slightly varying details, but generally causing the same anxiety? Or maybe it is the exact same dream each time? Either way, there’s a good chance that you have experienced recurring dreams. The question is, why do these stressful dreams keep repeating themselves?

Some examples of recurring dreams:

  • Someone is chasing you, you’re always running away and hiding. You might even feel like your legs are so heavy or you’re running in slow motion, frustrated trying to run faster.
  • You’re falling!
  • You look in the mirror and your teeth are totally busted! Your teeth falling out or missing.
  • You’re flying!
  • You’re up high somewhere, standing on something, looking down. You’re trying not to lose balance because you are way up high.
  • You’re back in school after years of being graduated. And there’s an exam that you are unprepared for.


Dr. Daniel Condron, Director and Dream Researcher at the school of Metaphysics, says “most recurrent dreams are relevant to the person who is dreaming.” He suggests that the dream represents a question or message (often related to a limitation, habit, fear or doubt) to the dreamer. When the dreamer understands the message and figures out how to sort it out in their daily lives, the recurring dreams will stop.

Different people and sources can interpret the meaning to these dreams, but only the dreamer can genuinely understand it. This is because everyone’s lives are different and these recurring themes could point to specific messages different from person to person.

Are there any symbols in these dreams? Are there people, places, or things in these dreams that have any personal meaning to them in your real life? It is important to personalize the interpretation of your dreams to figure out the messages that are trying to be revealed to you.



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