In life, we can’t control what happens to us but we can definitely control our thoughts and actions. Because we’re only human, we’re all familiar with the negative thoughts that penetrate our minds and seem to control us. The truth is that we let those thoughts control us by allowing ourselves to ruminate over and over, fuelling those thoughts and keeping them alive.

What’s wrong with obsessing over negative thoughts is that it keeps us focused on the problems rather than finding a solution. Or it worries us about things that haven’t even happened yet and may not even happen at all. This kind of thinking actually activates that fight or flight response we have which actually hinders the creative process needed for problem solving.

What Causes Negative Thinking?

So in hard times or challenges, instead of looking at the situation as a whole and figuring out how to navigate through it in order to move forward, we chain ourselves down to one spot. In the middle of the problem. However, this doesn’t mean we need to suppress those thoughts because the more we try to do that, the more we’re still thinking about it.

It ends up being counter productive, even though you’re making an effort to bury it. We still need to acknowledge those thoughts but stay detached by remaining focused on the present moment.

How to Control Your Mind From Negative Thoughts

Being stuck in our swirling thoughts prevents us from living in the present moment. And often times, if we stay present, that’s enough for us to find the solution we need. So here’s how to regain control over our thoughts.

  • Engage in something that puts you on a different emotional frequency: Because feeling follows thought, if we do something that redirects our thought process, then different feelings will follow. For example, if we worry then we’ll be anxious. So if we know we feel good when we do certain things, like watching our favorite show or going for a run, do it! It will redirect your focus on something that brings positive emotions out.
  • Write down reason why something you fear won’t happen: We can receive self revelations from writing as well as redirect thoughts and attention. If we’re worried about something, chances are, if it hasn’t happen we don’t know if it will. Because we need to redirect our brain from being active on negative thoughts, we need to focus on pulling out reasons why it won’t happen. And because writing is an action, it requires our focus.
  • Write down reason why you’ll still be okay even if the worst case scenario actually did happen: Even though we think we won’t survive, we can and we will. But we need to focus on that truth. So again, writing requires our focus which redirects our thoughts and opens our minds to self revelations.
  • As yourself these questions: What do I believe this situation means for me? What do I want to happen? What could I do to make that happen?

If you can’t seem to get those negative thoughts out of your mind and you want to take control over your thoughts, please contact Crownview Medical Group to get in touch with a medical professional who can give you some advice and life coaching.